Getting Stoned Patent


Today we stumbled across a patent (# 10,194,692) that just recently issued (February 5, 2019) for a ‘Device for Vaporizing a Substance.’  The case was handled by attorney Kathleen Ott, who practices at the Minneapolis law firm of Merchant and Gould.  The apparent inventor and owner of the technology would seem to be an individual from Colorado (no laughing please).  There was a claim of micro entity status, which requires a gross income of less than $184,116.  Who knows though?  That might change quickly once consumers get their hands (lips?) on this beauty of a product.

The inventor in this case would seem to prefer that the device be referred to as a “FLASH DAB.”  Here is how it works.  Tube 15 slides to the right, which causes some parts attached to tube 10 to pop out of distal end 11.  It then looks like this:


Tube 10 is hollow.  A basket 16 is placed in its end, as shown here in FIG. 2.  The basket 16 is open on one side but is crimped closed on the side of the basket 16 that is shoved into tube 10.  The next thing that happens is that the user places a drug of choice into basket 16.  Then, tube 15 is slid back into place, except that a little piece of basket 16 is left hanging out.  The inventor calls that little piece “the wick.”  Anyway, the user holds a flame up to the wick so as to heat the whole basket 16.  This causes the drug to vaporize.  The user sucks the vapor through the proximal end 12 of tube 10.  And of course, the user inhales the vapor in order to fly like an eagle into the future.  Know what we’re sayin’?

The authors are admittedly naive when it comes to drug use.  Thus, we consulted with our expert drug correspondent, whom we will simply call Ray McDingle in order to protect his true identity (for obvious reasons).  We asked Mr. McDingle a single question which was “what in the hell is going on here?!”

Mr. McDingle told us that the inventor likes the “FLASH DAB” description of the invention because there is a category of drugs called “dabs.”  A dab is apparently a highly concentrated marijuana like substance that is commonly provided in a wax form.  It thus makes sense that a bit of dab would be placed in the basket and would vaporize when the wick is heated.  According to Mr. McDingle, and according to the specification of the ‘205 application, there are advantages to this flash dab configuration over products in the electronic cigarette category that may also be used for consuming dab (also apparently known as “dabbing.”).  Hide your children, folks.

Well, there you go.  You learn something new every day!







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