Corporate LOVE for Minnesotan Patent Attorneys

Top Clients

Do you ever wonder which companies are the largest sources of patent prosecution work in Minnesota?  We don’t wonder about that either.  But we figured that SOMEONE out there might be interested in such a topic.  Above is a chart showing the top 15 sources of work.

The analysis in this post is based on a sample of 50,000 recent applications with Minnesota law firms or legal departments identified as handling the prosecution.  It is probably is not a surprise that 3M leads the way with 3,265 applications.  But it may be a surprise that the next companies on the list do not have headquarters in Minnesota.  Intel, Microsoft, Google, and Commscope are putting food on a lot of tables in Minnesota.  Moving down the list, we then arrive at Seagate, IBM, and Boston Scientific, all companies that at least have strong Minnesota roots.

Anyway, you get the idea.  Following is the complete list down to companies with 180 applications:


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