Eye Opening Patent Prosecution Numbers

graph 1

This graph shows the status of 23 applications all originating from Minnesota companies and all being handled by a Minnesota legal department.  Here is the interesting part.  All of these applications are being handled by the same examiner.  And as incredible as it may sound, that examiner’s initials are M.N.  Is that not ironic?!  Seriously, I am not sure.  Is it ironic or is it a coincidence?  I never know which is most correct.

Anyway, here are some staggering numbers that relate to this set of applications.

23   =  Total number of applications in the analyzed set; also the number of apps owned by a Minnesota company

4     =  Number of different Minnesota companies with an ownership interest in at least one of the applications; also the number of different Minnesota legal departments handling the prosecution of at least one of the applications (Shumaker & Sieffert, Brooks Cameron, Dardi & Herbert, and 3M)

1     =  The number of patents from the 23 applications

6     =  The number of office actions before the one patent was granted

8     =  The number of abandonments from the 23 applications

14   =  The number of the 23 applications that are still pending

57   =  The number of responses filed to date across the 23 applications

10+The number of years that Examiner M.N. has worked at the USPTO

46  =  The total number of patents that Examiner M.N. has granted…ever

163 =  Total number of active pending applications currently on the docket of Examiner M.N.

2.2  =  The average number of office actions issued in each of the 163 pending applications on the docket of Examiner M.N.

312  = Total number of applications on docket of Examiner M.N. that have gone abandoned

691  = Total number of responses filed in the 312 abandoned applications on docket of Examiner M.N.

Ouch.  Seriously.  Ouch.  Why not incorporate patent office analytics into your everyday workflow?  Yes we are biased.  But the Patent Advisor solution from LexisNexis IS must have technology.  Otherwise, your are trying to fly a plane without utilizing all available instrumentation.  And in that case, it is clear that M.N. is actually the pilot at the stick, right?


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