Patent Attorneys Can Have Dreams Too


This super sweet hand sketch comes from a provisional patent application filed by Brad Pedersen in 2002.  What makes this a little more interesting is that Brad was and is a patent attorney with the firm of Patterson Thuente, with offices located in downtown Minneapolis.  Between drafting applications and filing responses for others, Brad finds time to drive technological improvements in the field of flying saucers.  But before you laugh, take the time to read some of his granted patents closely (e.g., 9,904,292  9,073,532  7,931,239).  The granted claims have total applicability to quadcopter type flying machines (a.k.a., drones).

In fact, you too can own a flying machine that incorporates Mr. Pedersen’s inventions.  Simply go to the website for QFO Labs (  Tell them that sent you and you will get…nothing really.  But we will appreciate the shout out.  Here is a cool product photo taken from their web page (Brad, we hope you will see this image snag as falling within the scope of fair use ;).


Brad’s patents are especially interesting in light of the explosive growth in the consumer drone market over the last 15 years.  Consider what has happened in that market since Mr. Pedersen’s provisional application was filed way back in 2002.  This graph shows the number of drones sold by year, and it is limited just to the USA and does not include all drone types.

drones               From:

So, perhaps it is not too late to take Brad to lunch and start forming a close bond so that maybe he will invite you to his cabin/mansion for the weekend when he strikes it rich?  But before you make that call, consider that he might be asking YOU for a favor.  One of his patents is currently the subject of an IPR challenge (Case Number IPR2018-01690) in relation to a Federal District Court proceeding.  So, if you scratch his back and help him with his litigation on a pro bono basis, perhaps he will scratch your back with that cabin invite.




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