Heated Arguments with a Patent Examiner

There are many different ways to go about telling a patent examiner that they are wrong.  Below are three methods extracted from the file histories of actual real patent applications.

METHOD ONE:  The Directly Aggressive California Way (13/588,902  December 1, 2017)(Jean Nguyen Registration No.: 71,051 MORRISON & FOERSTER  Las Angeles)


METHOD TWO: The Minnesota “Prove It To Ya” Method (13/495,767 October 5, 2016)  (Andrew L. Jagenow, Reg. No. 51,842  MERCHANT & GOULD  Minneapolis)


METHOD THREE: The Minnesota Nice Method (14/174199  October 27, 2016)              (Robert S. Moshrefzadeh, Reg. No.: 61,055    3M   St. Paul, Minnesota)


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