The Schwegman Firm is incredibly well diversified!

client breakdown

We posted the last couple of days about business aspects of the Schwegman, Lundberg, and Woessner law firm.  The goal here is not to beat a dead horse but the data around this firm is no less than fascinating.  Today, we will consider the Schwegman business model through the lens of client diversification.  The question is whether the bulk of their business coming from one or two key clients, or is it coming from a broader set of key clients.

The pie chart above is a client specific breakdown of a vast collection of applications believed to be managed by Schwegman and filed since the beginning of 2010.  Of course, the firm has many more clients than those listed.  This is simply a top 15 of sorts.  In order to give the chart further context, here is a numerical breakdown:

Client breakdown2

This is an impressive client portfolio.  The bulk of the work, perhaps not surprisingly, comes from relatively high tech companies.  There is also a spattering of medical device work, which makes sense in light of the Minneapolis region’s deep history and reputation in that industry.  At least some of the companies on this list certainly operate in directly competitive market segments.  The Schwegman firm has seemingly done a nice job of carving out work from a large number of big corporate players without encountering conflict.  Few firms in the country likely have as well a diversified client portfolio as as Schwegman.

If you are tired of talking Schwegman, have faith.  Tomorrow we will move on to a different center of focus.  ; )


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