The Schwegman Firm Runs a Tight Ship?

schwegmen efficiency

Have you visited the website for Schwegman, Lundberg, and Woessner lately?  Their employment directory includes a listing of 172 employees.  That number is not particularly surprising.  What is surprising is that 132 of those employees are identified as being either an attorney or an agent.  That leaves a support staff of only 40 people.  If this picture painted by their website is accurate, they are operating in an extremely efficient ($$$:) manner.

As is shown in this chart, an area in which the firm is lacking is in the number of Michael Schwegmans.  They only have one of those.  If you have not met him in person, this video clip from the firm’s fairly cool website will give you an idea of his old school coolness.  What a jerk, right? (just kidding…seems like a nice guy)


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